Working Parents Guide to Security

As a parent, you want to make sure your children are safe all day everyday, although not always possible. We're here to help! The below are ideas that you can implement in your home to ensure your kids are safe and secure!

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1. Install a Basic Alarm Unit

At BSM Security, we specialize in providing residential and commercial sites with security that best suits our clients needs and wants, all while taking into consideration their budget!

Installing an alarm which talks directly to an app on your phone means that when your children get home and pin in their code to deactivate the alarm- you will know! This is peace of mind for those parents who wait for the "we've arrived home" call (that sometimes never comes).

2. Consider a Small CCTV Set Up with Remote Access

One of the best uses of this small CCTV set up with remote access is, in the case of any alarm activation's or even deactivation's, you can bring up the footage from your CCTV to check to ensure all your children are home safe. This gives you peace of mind without having to take time out of work for lengthy phone calls.

3. Consider a Wearable Duress Pendant

I know what you're thinking- a little too far, right? However, if you are someone who's child suffers from a medical condition such as asthma or perhaps an allergy to common products, a duress alarm would be one of the most valuable assets to your alarm unit.

Once installed, the duress pendant can be worn throughout the house - waterproof ones are also available if required for showers. If activated, you decide how we respond. Whether we call you first, or call the house to check in on the child, or even send a patrol.

4. Work out an Emergency Plan with your Children

Putting in place an "In case of Emergency" procedure will help us help you. Telling your children to use the security system as a way of sending for help will ensure their safety even further. For example, say someone has followed your children home from school or an uninvited visitor won't leave- your children may not have time to call you however they could use a duress pendant or put a fake code in the alarm system to trigger an activation, to which we respond to.

Although scary to think about, these things do happen and we want to ensure that you and your children feel safe and protected at all times.

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