Holiday Security Tips - Are you Secure?

holiday security tips

So you're going on holiday... without us... again. Deep down somewhere we are happy for you! We're sure you've already taken the necessary precautions to keep your assets safe while you're away, however in case you need a checklist, here are 5 steps we recommend taking before leaving!


Have a front door? Lock it. Back door? Lock it. Side door? Lock it. Car door? Lock it. Window? Lock it. You get the idea. LOCK EVERYTHING. Don't forget that side gate and the garage either. Don't make it easy for them!


Temptation comes in the form of a bike on a chain in the backyard and a computer sitting on the kitchen bench. You don't necessarily need to hide everything under beds and at the top of cupboards, but placing anything valuable out of side is highly recommended. Items like jewelry boxes, handbags and even keys are tempting, place them in a side table, kitchen draw or even an ottoman! Just get them out of sight.


Have an alarm system? Make sure you arm it before leaving and update your security monitoring company (us, of course) of the dates you will be away and if there are different people you would like us to contact on the chance your alarm does activate.

Don't have an alarm unit? Contact us for a FREE quote! Why? Two reasons: one is that when someone enters your home without you there, we can notify you; two is that the presence of the hardware itself acts as a deterrent! With our quotations we aim to quote low in cost with high quality products! We're also nice people who would really enjoy the human interaction.


We know you're excited! We know you want everyone to know you'll be having a blast while they're all either stuck at work or with their in- laws... but let's just pull back the need to share to a bare minimum. Announcing on social media platforms that you've booked a holiday and posting on the day you're all leaving, could make your home an easy target. We know they're just your friends, but lets be real, do you know your 300+ followers or friends? Are you 100% confident that they would not take advantage of an unattended house? If you are, please forward your friends list to us because we need more people like that in the world!


Before you head off on your vacation, please, for the love of insurance, record a walk through of your house showing all your belongings (especially in the cupboards where your valuables are kept) or write up a spreadsheet detailing your belongings (makes, models, serial numbers, colours, anything specific about the item and the items name). Keep the video/ spreadsheet in a safe place such as on your mobile device or maybe even Google Drive - keep it in a place that if someone where to break into your home, they couldn't take it with them.

Once you've packed, said your goodbyes and completed the above checklist, you'll be holiday ready! Don't forget to send us a post card... to the office.. where we'll all be... without you.

Happy holidays!

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