Business Security Plan (QPS Information)

business security plan

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) encourage the development of a business safety plan. They highly recommend the following steps be taken to complete your business safety plan:

1. Conduct a Business Security Assessment

BSM Security provide FREE customized business security assessments using the QPS provided assessment sheet. We then provide you a copy of the completed risk assessment and suggestions as to how you can increase your business security and safety with both FREE options and hardware options.

2. Identify suitable Security Treatments

Once your risk assessment is completed, BSM Security will recommend treatments for each security risk identified.

3. Read through "Securing Your Business"

The "Securing your Business" blog can be found by clicking here. This document is sourced from QLD QPS.

4. Always use installed Security Devices and Systems

If your business has an already installed alarm unit or CCTV system- use it! We have technicians available to test the unit(s) to ensure the hardware is in working condition and to assist in any set up/ commissioning required to have them up and running!

5. Consider Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

QPS have written an article on how the environment surrounding your business can be designed to potentially lessen crime- check out their ideas by clicking here.

6. Identify Areas for Immediate and Long Term Changes

An area that could be considered for 'immediate' change would be a faulty lock on a door or a camera facing in the wrong direction- these issues can be rectified within an hour of being noticed. Whereas a long term change would cover having an alarm unit installed or putting a high fence around your business. Identify these areas and assess which category they belong it (immediate or long term) and begin planning your changes!

7. Provide Key Holder Information to QPS and your Security Company

Your local QLD police station provide a key holder service where a business can register their after hours key holder details- download the brochure and application for clicking here

8. Mark your Property for Identification

Marked property not only enhances your businesses marketing but also deters those daring enough to take it. Having your products marked makes for easy identification for both your clients... and police if needed. Here's what QPS had to say about property identification (click here).

9. Review your Business Insurance Protection

Ensure that your business is insured on the chance that something unlawful does occur. Having security monitoring in your place of work will also lower your insurance premiums- contact your insurer to find out more!

10. Train your Staff in Safety and Security Procedures

If your staff are unaware of your business alarm unit, CCTV system and/ or duress buttons, they won't be able to protect your business or themselves when you're not there. Ensure at least one staff member on site is aware of the hardware protecting your site and employees.


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