NBN Facts: Your alarm is vulnerable; here's why and how to handle it.

The NBN Network is coming and it's confusing a lot of people, here's our simple list to help clarify what it means for your site and security.


1. What is the NBN Network

Put very simply, the NBN Network is just different cabling that will provide your home and business with internet and telephone services. This means that your existing phone line(s) and internet service will be unusable as they "roll out" the new type of cable.

2. Why should I care?

Your alarm system is currently connected to your phone line which utilises the old cable. Once the new cable (NBN) is active, the old cable will be switched off within a year (approximately) and your alarm system will no communicate to the Monitoring Center.

3. Do I have to switch to the NBN?

Yes. Unfortunately you will not have a choice. The old cable is being disconnected so if you don't swap over to the NBN Network once it's available in your area, you will be left without any telephone or internet services.

4. What about my Alarm System?

Your alarm is more than likely still connected to the old cable, once you swap over, you will need to look at alternative alarm monitoring whether it be by a mobile device or IP/ internet connection.

5. Why stay with or join BSM Security?

You mean, other than our dazzling smiles and bright personalities? Well, here's what we don't offer: lock in contracts, sales based motives or oversea's customer service centers. We use genuine care and appreciation to bring our customers on board, while depending on our excellent service and quality solutions to keep them.

6. Where do I go from here?

You can call or email us with your name, address and request an NBN specific monitoring quote or just request some more specific information if you like! We're here to answer any and all questions so give us a call!


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