Surveillance in Child Care Settings

Caring for children is one of the things you do best. Parents put their trust in you to provide the best care and protection for their children by trusting that you provide excellent staff and a safe environment. Although the thought of security hardware may seem unneeded at this time, the added advantages are well worth the additional layer of safety.


Some of the most horrific acts of violence in the past few years have targeted learning centers. A camera surveillance system can keep your building safe from intruders, vandals and protect your children from harm. Not only this, the added protection can also assist in the identification of perpetrators and individuals with suspicious behavior.


If you opt to have cameras on the inside of the center, the system will make it easier to keep track of where each child and staff member is located in your facility. This can be especially useful if your charges include little “wanderers”. You can easily locate the “missing” child without deploying half of your staff to hunt for them.


A camera surveillance system allows you to ensure your clients that the environment they have chosen put their trust in, is one that provides next level security in comparison to its competitors. The visual cameras, which are usually situated outside of the center in plain sight, act as a deterrent and identification of potentially harmful individuals.


Video records of your care can protect your employees from possible accusations of abuse. You can easily review the footage from your CCTV camera installation to see exactly what happened at the time and day being questioned.

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